High Precision Scale 0.005 g

Ideal for continuous use

Digital scale with a precision measurement of 0.005 gr.. making it indispensable in works where the measurement is extremely essential. Specially designed to work with fluorescent components. pure stabilizers. specification. mix of additives. etc. Ideal for a constant use. considering that you can connect it to the grid due to its rechargeable battery. Stainless steel cabinet. and ABS with stainless steel plate. quick turn on response and stabilization. LCD display. easy reading. subtractive tare. auto calibration. automatic disconnection after a two minute of no use period. It is able to weight: grams. pounds and carat. Piece counting function and percentage mode. windbreak included. USB data output and RS-232-C printer. Maximum weighing 150 g. Resolution 0.005 gr. Weighing pan diameter 116 mm. 1 year warranty.


Data sheet

25 x 20 x 15 cm

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