Plato Fortuna

Fortune Plate

Handcarved quartzite plate to present plates with sauce

Fortuna dish, carved in pink quartzite, flaked with shiny mica, which gives it magical sparkles in the light of the restaurant. The hollowed part allows to serve dishes with sauces without spills.

All the pieces in our Stone Age collection are one of a kind, making these plates a beautiful and elegant addition to your table.

Our extensive and original catalogue can be customized with the type of stone you need in a very short production time. The minimum quantity required for marble tableware customization is 12 pieces.

We can also design bespoke prototypes to produce a special type of tableware for your restaurant or bar, with different sizes, finishes and types of stones or marbles.

To find out more about all the colours and types of marbles available and the handcrafted manufacturing process of our plates, bowls, trays and presentation supports, please consult our Blog.


Data sheet

19 x 11 x 2 cm / 40 ml
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