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Nitrogen Container 20 L - contenedor de nitrógeno
contenedor de nitrógenocontenedor de nitrógeno

Nitrogen Container 20 L


New collection of special nitrogen Dewar thermo flasks, manufactured following the technical instructions for 100% Chef. All our containers are supplied with a thermal, padded and protective cover, that will extend the life of your container and protect it from hits during handling. You will be able to have in your own establishment a container for containing, storing and transporting your liquid nitrogen reserve. Its second sealed chamber preserves your nitrogen over a month with very little loss. If you do not have a good supplier of nitrogen in your area we recommend to buy a container between 20 and 30 litters, depending in your use. This will generate immediate savings and easily recover your investment by buying a larger container. Take in consideration that the larger container you have, the less loss you will have.
Ref. 120/0007
Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 62 cm
Units per box: 1
Availability: Immediate
VAT not included
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