CO2 Dry Ice Black Triple

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CO2 Dry Ice Black Triple

Produce dry ice on demand

Option :

CO2 condenser for making compact blocks of dry ice.

Produce 90 grams in 60 seconds or higher compression and up to 150 grams in about 90 seconds.

This device is ideal for establishments that want to produce dry ice prior to service and store it in Porexpan boxes throughout the service or buffet platters that require a larger quantity to promote and maintain the fog effect for longer.

Thanks to its pressure-reducing filter and minimal gas loss, it will produce compact dry ice pellets on demand with great profitability, saving up to 30% in CO2 compared to other condensers on the market.

Completely safe, you can use it without risk in cocktail bars, buffets and presentation of dishes and cocktails. Compatible with all liquid CO2 bottles with probe bottle.

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Data sheet

Stainless Steel
Ø5 x 30 cm

Specific References

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