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Double bath and grille Teppan Nitro Salva-G

An essential tool for using liquid nitrogen in kitchen and pastry

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Double bath and grille Teppan Nitro Salva-G

An essential tool for using liquid nitrogen in kitchen and pastry


Insulated container with double bath for liquid nitrogen molding techniques.

Teppan Nitro Salva-G is a dual-function container: griddle and frying. Its high thermal resistance allows moderate consumption of liquid nitrogen. Its griddle, entirely made of aluminum suitable for food contact, is able to reach very low temperatures, with great stability and continuous working response.

You can use the Teppan Nitro Salva-G with its included plate or purchase a supplementary plate (ref. 120/0020) to use both sides.

Experiment with molding fats, chocolates, jellies, gelatins, caramelized foams, lollipops, crispies, frozen fruit slices, chocolate, lollipops, cornet decorations, hot-core ice creams, nitro shots, nitro coulants, etc.

In addition, you can have a liquid nitrogen bath in your other tank to submerge your pieces and give them a touch of cold to last until service, or make all kinds of preparations with liquid nitrogen.

Discover the savage side of cold!

Lightweight and shock-resistant, made of closed-cell polypropylene, it ensures total hygiene. And if you need more work surface, purchase a new plate and attach it to the empty vessel, doubling your production.

Teppan Nitro Salva-G can be used in showcookings in full view of the customer, offering an animation to liven up a buffet or in the pastry section of haute cuisine restaurants.

To master the techniques of cooking, ice cream and pastry with liquid nitrogen, we recommend purchasing the Nitro Food Show online course, available on our YouCook platform, which will reveal all the possible applications of this versatile cooking technique.

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Units per box: 1
Material: Aluminium
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