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Pressure homogeneizer Squasher

Revolution in cocktail-making!

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Pressure homogeneizer Squasher

Revolution in cocktail-making!


Squasher is an innovative machine that helps to bring together all the flavors and aromas contained in a bag, dissolving them homogeneously in a liquid.

Pack the ingredients into the special Squasher bag, available with or without filter, add the chosen liquid and insert it between the paddles and its front panel. Set the time for each preparation.

Its paddles crush the products, extracting and homogenizing the contents. It uses measured and accurate pressure.

Squasher repeats pressures hundreds of times per minute. The liquid works as a solvent, while it collects and permeates with all the flavor of the ingredients.

It does not heat the product, there is no contact with any metal to avoid oxidation, it presses with just enough strength to avoid ruining your product.

It does not extract bitter particles from some leaves, extracts essential oils from citrus fruits, emulsifies the particles together to obtain a homogeneous flavor, and preserves the freshness of the aromas.

The aromatic particles dissolve delicately in the base liquid: water, alcohol, or oils.

This is the new and surprising Squasher, a unique machine ready to bring the best of fruits, vegetables, and spices to your drinks, broths, or sauces.

How does it work?

Pack the ingredients into the special Squasher bag, add the chosen liquid and insert it between the blades and the front of the machine, set the time for each preparation. A soft light will indicate the end of the process.  

Its blades crush the product extracting and emulsifying the best, using a measured and exact pressure. The liquid collects and absorbs all the flavor of the ingredients.

Squasher is equipped with a timer, different blades with different functions, and pressure to be exerted, and always according to the products to be worked, it is a silent and discreet machine.

You can prepare any combined drink where you used to use the Muddle or mortar, but extracting and incorporating more nuances to your cocktail.

Prepare your mixes on the spot or ahead of time. Weigh and measure the ingredients, marinate or infuse, label, and keep them chilled until service.  

Squasher can also be used as cooking technique: it cold extracts juice from dried mushrooms, roots, shrimp heads, meat tenderizers, marinades, avocado paste, puree, but also maximizes the extraction of those juices that bring succulent nuances to our sauces, vinaigrettes, or broths.

CE UL certified
Ref. 100/0200 230 V 50 Hz
Ref. 100/0201 110 V 60 Hz

Information not available

Units per box: 1
Material: Polycarbonate
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