Digital PH Controller

Ph meter of pocket

This pH meter allows us to measure the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. Indispensable for gelling or specification processes . Anticipate mistakes and work with complete control of the process. It will help to achieve highly accurate results. Furthermore. PHScan meter has a temperature sensor using the [ºC] key. The meter automatically compensates measurement of pH in real time. The meter. after 8 minutes of no use period. automatically shuts off. Fully waterproof. even when it falls into the water floats and can work if it is completely submerged. The life of the electrode is approximately one year. If you persist in its use . once the recommended usage period has elapsed. the measurement precision can be influenced. so we kindly advise to recalibrate it . The electrode of the model PHScan 30 is a connector easy removal and/or installation. Characteristic: - PH Range 0.00- 14.00pH. - Precision ± 0.05pH. - Resolution 0.01pH. - Temperature range 0-60 ° C. - Supply 3 x 1.5V alkaline batteries button form. - Working hours: 150 hours. - Dimensions L: 180 mm Ø × 30 mm Weight 85 g. - Warranty 1 year. - Water-tight.


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