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CentriCook XL

3 Litres of naturally flavoured clarified

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CentriCook XL

3 Litres of naturally flavoured clarified


CentriCook is a non-refrigerated centrifuge that reaches 4000 RPM in less than 15 seconds. It clarifies all types of juices, broths or vegetable waters without using pectinases or thickeners or increasing the temperature.

Designed for very precise work in cooking and cocktail making, CentriCook prepares the juices of the fibres in suspension and concentrates them in the base, where the purest essence of the food remains with a silky and almost impalpable texture (the cream). The juice or clarified juice remains in the upper part, which is very useful in cocktails to obtain clarified cocktails without floating particles.

Includes 4 containers of 750 ml and clarifies 3 litres in approx. 15 minutes.

Its main advantage over the use of pectinases or thickeners is that the process is much faster, it is not necessary to heat the product, it does not accentuate the acidity and it preserves it from oxidation. The final product obtained has a more natural taste. For more information on the use of CentriCook with pectinases, please click here this link.

Fully mechanised, it allows to regulate the speed and working time through the front screen. Equipped with a safety system that prevents the machine from opening during the centrifugation process. Extremely quiet and stable. See all details in the "Technical Information" tab.

We also recommend the purchase of replacement containers, ref. 30/3014.

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Units per box: 1
Total capacity: 3 l
Material: Stainless Steel
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