Pacojet launched during the year 2023 the new totally renewed version of one of the most emblematic machines in gastronomy.
Born in 1992 and acquired this year by the SEB Group, owner of brands such as TEFAL, KRUPS, MOULINEX, WMF, among many others.

Pacojet has entrusted 100%Chef as exclusive importer and technical service for its launch in Spain.

Designed entirely from scratch by Swiss engineers, this new Pacojet4 once again breaks the competition’s mould. Its innovative patented mechanics, incorporates in this new version improvements that solve recurring problems or allow to reach a quality never seen before in the micro scraping of frozen food (-18°/ -22°C) incorporating extra pressure to achieve a totally surprising texture.

Its new JET Mode allows you to pacotize the entire beaker in just 90 seconds, which is one of the best advantages of the new Pacojet 4, making it the fastest and most powerful on the market.

And thanks to its innovative engineering, the Pacojet4 is ultra-quiet and unobtrusive. The top professionals who work with these machines know what we are talking about. Its noise level (76.4dB) is infinitely lower than previous models, making it possible to have this machine in any public-facing establishment without having to worry.

In short, the PACOTIZAR® concept that has made the brand famous is the special technology that intensifies the aromas of the ingredients and preserves the colours during the process, creating ultra-fine and fluffy textures, providing a unique taste experience that can be repeated at any time at the touch of a button.

Despite its price, Pacojet 4 is an ultra-profitable machine that allows you to amortize its cost in less than a year thanks to the saving of ingredients for ice cream, the purchase of pre-made products or the saving and use of raw materials.

Pacojet4 is the perfect ally for your kitchen.

What other advantages does the new Pacojet 4 offer us?

With the new model you will be able to achieve:


This air system allows the introduction of pressurised air into the beaker, increasing the volume and creaminess of slush and sorbets.


Its touch screen allows you to have control at all times both of the actions and of the maintenance, storage and consultation of recipes.
With just one finger, you can control all processes and be alerted if any problems occur.


The new Pacojet4 beakers are made of unbreakable polycarbonate. They are 3 times cheaper than the previous version, facilitating the purchase and acquisition of more beakers for elaborations. In addition, they are resistant to falls and easy to identify their contents in the freezer. The new beakers are all advantages.


The accessories of this new Pacojet 4 allow the reuse of stainless steel cups from old versions, and even cut and assemble. Tools available in the COUPE SET


We present the new Nitro Kit, a jug with a stainless steel cup, ideal for preparations in which liquid nitrogen is the freezing agent. We recommend following the instructions in our recipes, always trying to work without any trace of nitrogen inside the glass.


The equipment itself has a specific function which controls and records the cleaning and disinfection function of your Pacojet4. Thanks to the new “Cleaning Tab”, your cleaning will follow the strictest HACCP standards, achieving a sanitisation of more than 99.9%. Its soapy lotion does not produce foam, and removes any food residue inside the equipment.

Pacojet 4 with cocktail bar and baristas

Chefs are no longer the only Pacojet users. Baristas all over the world are now incorporating this technology into their bars and cafés. Thanks to its silent system and elegant presentation, Pacojet offers a new possibility for bartenders to make alcoholic sorbets, freezed drinks, ice creams, or other elements such as nitro powder, etc. in front of the customer. 

Take advantage of the PACOJET 4 LAUNCH PACK!

Only until the end of the year or end of stock of the unbeatable offer of the LAUNCH PACK, an extra piece of equipment that will allow you to have already with the purchase of your new Pacojet4. A set of elements to work comfortably.

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