Resin tableware allows almost unlimited customization, something that has inspired chefs of the caliber of Gordon Ramsay, Gaggan Anand, and Jordi Cruz, Albert Adriá, Paco Roncero, Carles Abellán, among others, to create surprising presentation supports. The use of this material is becoming one of the trends in the most creative kitchens. Also the best cocktail makers, winners of the most prestigious international awards, often use this material to make unique glasses to serve their cocktails.

The arrival of resin tableware in the restaurant industry offers new creative opportunities for gastronomy professionals, allowing them to enhance recipes by serving them on specially designed supports. The final appearance of the pieces is extremely successful, thanks to the skill of the artists who hand-paint each of the creations, taking care of every detail to obtain a very realistic effect.


How is our resin tableware manufactured?

First of all, we need the idea. We draw inspiration from everyday objects, decoration… items that would not normally be used on a restaurant table. Thanks to this technique, you can incorporate unique creations to your tableware using a material suitable for food contact and totally safe for your customers.

The creation of resin pieces is based on lost-wax casting, a sculptural process inherited from the art world.

Our craftsmen create a first handmade prototype that will be the basis for creating a mold in silicone, an extremely malleable material. This particularity makes it possible to reproduce all the details of the piece with great attention to detail.

At this stage, all the size and capacity characteristics of the resin tableware are decided and adjusted to your requirements. The pieces can fit together like a puzzle, to reveal their contents as a game at the table. We can create individual pieces or to share at the table, elements or scenographic supports for buffets, caterings and receptions or themed parties (sporting events, weddings, product presentations). Themed trolleys and trays or cigarette cases are also another possibility for this material.

Choose closed or open pieces. Resin tableware can also be a centerpiece that reveals its contents only at a given moment of the service.

Once the piece is shaped, its details will be hand-painted with paint suitable for contact with food, achieving a hyper-realistic effect. It is decided whether a matte or glossy finish is better for the final result.

The silicone mold is used to produce up to 24 pieces. The resin plates thus obtained are varnished by hand, thus finalizing a handcrafted creation process that makes each piece a true work of art.

Customization of resin tableware on demand

Any idea can be brought to life, whether using everyday objects or small fantasy sculptures as inspiration. All colors are available, to be hand-painted with a matte or glossy finish. We can make any type of shape, creating a unique dedicated mold for your resin plates.

In the world of drinks, theming has also entered with force, and resin allows us to create from a glass, a cup for cocktails or ice cream, juices, milkshakes with original shapes.

The fantasy of the pieces fits very well with the world of cocktails and sweets.

We accompany you throughout the creation process, from prototyping to the selection of finishes, to design resin plates that perfectly match the proposal of your menu.


How to take care of resin tableware?

bol de resina tomate rojo

plato de resina chocolat

Resin is a material very resistant to shocks, chips, and wear, a fundamental characteristic for tableware for daily professional use. To preserve its color and matte or glossy finish, wash your resin tableware by hand. Do not use abrasive products nor sharp utensils on its surface.

Due to its composition, resin tableware should not be placed in an oven or other heat source.

An offer of resin plates for everyone

In our catalog, you will also find a range of resin cups, plates, and bowls created from natural shapes. Use replicas of giant pieces of fruit to present cocktails made with exotic fruits, or colorful leaves to serve mises en bouche or small snacks to accompany your drinks.

You can find all our resin tableware proposals here.

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