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 Open round tin to serve individual tastings.


Tasting cans to present fresh food as if it were a preserved product. A fun and original presentation for culinary creations served open or closed.

Reusable and dishwasher safe containers that will become a classic on your menu!

Pet Soda Cans

Soda Can PET - 100 pcs.

Soda Can Sealer "Bronson"

Can Sealer PRO

PET can lids

Aluminium Cans

Round Aluminium Can - 100 pcs

Oval Aluminium Cans - 100 pcs

Rectangle Aluminium Cans - 100 pcs

Bowl Aluminium Cans - 100 pcs

Tapa Plate - Alluminium - 100 pcs

PET can lids

Tin Cans

Mini Round Tin Can - 60 pcs

Popeye Tin Can with lid - 36 pcs

Round Tin Cans XS - 100 pcs

Round Tin Can XL - 50 pcs

Rectangular Giant Golden Cans - 42 pcs

Gold Tin Can - 12 pcs

Tapa Plate - Tin

Cans Closer

Manual Can Sealer

Giant Manual Round Can Sealer

Soda Can Sealer "Bronson"

Can Sealer PRO

Manual Pet soda can seamer

Manual Pet Soda Can Closer