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Green Water Color Glass Plate with sea food

Glass plates

Molded glass plates in original collections that have been designed specifically for your restaurant.

Glass cutting, thermoforming, sandblasting, polishing, blowing...

These are the techniques that our craftsmen use to obtain incredible plates and trays.

Presentation plates

Cadaqués Glass Plates

Cadaqués Glass Plates XL

Cadaqués Glass Plates XL

Hikamura - 2 pcs.

Phosphorus Collection

Peti Phosphorus - 3 pcs.

Plate Phosphorus - 3 pcs.

Tray Phosphorus - 3 pcs.


Black Chocolate Bar Plate

White Chocolate Bar Plate

Black Chocolate Snack Plate

White Chocolate Snack Plate

Lava, Boiling & more

Black Napkin Plate

White Napkin Plate

Black Zig-Zag Support

White Zig-Zag Support

Lava Black Plate

Black Lava Bowl

White Lava Bowl

Lava Black Deep Dish

White Boiling Plate

Black Boiling Plate

Black Oval Plate

White Oval Plate

Sea Bass Ceviche Plate

Bamboo Glass Tray

Alabaster Glass Bowl

Alabaster Glass Plate

The Cloud

Nebula Plate

Wave Plate

White Stucco


Clear Textures Plate

Amber Retro Plate

Amber Retro Bowl

Glass Tongue

Slashed Collection

Burdeos Wine Plate - 6 pcs

Champagne Bottle Plates - 6 pcs

Deep Cava Plate - 6 pcs

Cocktail Glass Cava - 2 pcs

Cava Snack Plate - 3 pcs

Cava Cork Plates - 3 pcs

Anisette Bottle Plate - 6 pcs

Advance Collection

Advance Scene

Opal Advance Plate - 3 pcs.

Tiger's Eye Advance Plate - 3 pcs.

Emerald Advance Plate - 3 pcs.

Obsidian Advance Plate - 3 pcs.

Black Moon Advance Plate

Galaxy Advance Plate

Venus Advance Plate

R-fill Collection

R-Fill Deep

R-Fill Plate

R-Fill Glass

R-Fill Bowl

R-Fill Cork

Blue Caribbean & Wakame Collection

Glass Plate Wakame Ø29 cm

Glass Bowl Wakame

Glass Plate Caribbean Blue Ø29 cm

Glass Bowl Caribbean Blue Ø15 cm


Mother Pearl Collection

Razor Shell Plate - 2 uds.

Pearl Glass Bowl - 2 pcs.

Glass Pearl Plate - 2 pcs.

Oyster Bar Collection

12 Oysters Tray

6 Oysters Tray

2 Oysters Tray - 2 pcs.

Glass Spoons

Glass Tongue

Dry Spoon Snow - 6 pcs.

Dry Spoon - 6 pcs.

Presentation Spoon Petals - 6 pcs.