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Sous Vide Cooking meat with Noon Force and Click-it System ')

Sous vide

Sous-vide technique (aka Low-Temperature Vacuum Cooking) is a cooking method performed to preserve and enhance the flavor of the food, cooking it at a controlled low temperature for a long time. Used in the majority of fine-dining restaurants, this cooking technique is evolving constantly. Using our Chef’s experience, we design for you the latest generation appliances and accessories to keep playing with this incredible resource.

Sous Vide Cooking

Noon Force


Thermal Container for Noon 27L

Noon Cover Gastronorm 1/1

Vacuum Packing

TekVac ISensor S

TekVac ISensor M (pump 10)

TekVac ISensor M (Pump 20)

TekVac ISensor L (double sealing bar)

Vacuum Pump Vacuum-Pro

Heat Sealer 20 cm 220V

Container GN 1/1 100 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 150 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 200 BrickVac

Container GN 1/2 150 BrickVac

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/1

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/2

External Vacuum Connection for TekVac

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Cooking and storing bags

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook XS

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook S

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook XL

Click-it Vacuum Storage bags

Click-it Sous-vide Cooking Bags

Click-it Kit

Accessories and Spare Parts

Straight Spider Pipettes Refiller

Self-adhesive Label Tape

Whip Clip for Siphons and Bottles

Vortex Lid

Vortex Lid with Valve

External Vacuum Connection for TekVac

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Oil for Vacuum Pump Maintenance 1L

Atoxic oil for Vacuum Pro