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Sous Vide Cooking meat with Noon Force and Click-it System

Sous vide

The sous-vide technique (vacuum cooking) is a simple and precise cooking system used in the best restaurants to achieve perfect results every time. Vacuum-packed food is submerged and cooked at low temperature, always in a controlled manner.

Discover also our Squasher pressure emulsifier, which unifies all the flavors and aromas contained in a vacuum bag, dissolving them homogeneously in a liquid. 

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment and accessories for your professional kitchen.

Sous Vide Cooking

Noon Force


Thermal Container for Noon 27L

Magnetic Mixer Vortex


Vacuum Packing

TekVac ISensor S

TekVac ISensor M (pump 10)

TekVac ISensor M (Pump 20)

TekVac ISensor L (double sealing bar)

Vacuum Pump Vacuum-Pro

Heat Sealer 20 cm 220V

Container GN 1/1 100 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 150 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 200 BrickVac

Container GN 1/2 150 BrickVac

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/1

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/2

External Vacuum Connection for TekVac

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Accessories and Spare Parts

Straight Spider Pipettes Refiller

Self-adhesive Label Tape

Whip Clip for Siphons and Bottles

Vortex Lid with Valve

External Vacuum Connection for TekVac

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Oil for Vacuum Pump Maintenance 1L

Atoxic oil for Vacuum Pro

Squasher Bag Support

External connection for Osmotic-Vac

Noon Cover Gastronorm 1/1


Replacement Valve for BrickVac

Container With Cover Noonie

Cal Attack 700 gr

Cooking and storing bags

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook XS

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook S

Click-it Vacuum Storage bags

Click-it Sous-vide Cooking Bags

Click-it Kit

Vac-andsave Storing Bags

Vac-andcook Cooking Bags

Squasher Filter Bags - 50 pcs