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Liquid Silicone for professional Mold Making

Silicone mold making for perfect food molds

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Liquid Silicone for professional Mold Making

Silicone mold making for perfect food molds

Oh! Mold formula gives you the possibility to build your own simple or compound molds, with high fidelity to the original.

Break standards and create your unique molding line. You can easily reproduce any engraving, shape or volume, textures on thin sheet, logos, recreate vegetables, legumes, fruits, bones, cutlery ... with no limits!

How does it work?

Oh! Mold is presented in two separate liquid components. Once you choose your shape and mix the two parts, they react by solidifying and assuming the desired shape. When the mixture is well dried and cured, your custom mold is ready! Its final color is pure white. It is flexible and stable at the same time. You can reuse it to reproduce that shape hundreds of times.

The mold has high elasticity (20SH) and easy unmolding. Unalterable to acids, chocolate, fats and alcohols. Resistant to low temperatures (-25°C/-13°F) and high temperatures (220°C/428°F), with CE and FDA foodgrade certification.

To make your work easier, create the mold using the non-stick spray (item 60/0019).

Don't wait any longer and watch the video we have created with the complete explication of the production process!

In addition, you can download for free our the step by step guide to make your special unique molds in few hours.

- Mold hardness: 20 SH

- Pure white color

- CE and FDA foodgrade certification.

- User manual in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

- Resistant to oven (220°C/428°F), freezer (-25°C/-13°F), and microwave.

- Dishwasher safe.

- Unalterable to acid, chocolate, fat and alcohols.

- The box contains two bottles of 0.5 Kg, in total 1 Kg of liquid silicone.

Units per box: 1
Total capacity: 1 kg
Material: Silicone
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