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Our Crunchies are a useful and attractive resource, with a crunchy texture: a contribution of color and an addition of intense flavor to any finish. In this family of ingredients, we celebrate flavor, creating small, very dry elements, perfect for adding to any dry preparation or as a finishing touch to pastries, cocktails, dishes, snacks, desserts and petit fours.

In a fatty media, they will keep their crunchy and dry texture intact; in dry and packaged environments, protected from moisture and light, they will perfectly preserve their properties. In liquid media and in the presence of moisture, they will end up losing their characteristic texture.

Crunchy lime

Crunchy mango - 250g.

Crunchy passion fruit - 250g.

Crunchy pineapple - 200g.

Crunchy banana - 1,5kg.

Crunchy raspberry 2-10mm

Crunchy raspberry 5-8mm

Crunchy strawberry 1-3mm

Crunchy strawberry 2-10mm

Crunchy cassis - 200g.

Crunchy cherry - 200g.

Crunchy fig - 300g.

Crunchy capuccino

Crunchy fried onion - 300g.

Crunchy yogurt - pomegranate

Crunchy yogurt - strawberry