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Gelling agents

From aspic to veil, from spherification to glazes, from jellybeans to fake caviar, from grated gelatine to fake sponge cake: controlling gelling agents and knowing all their uses is key for any professional in sweet, salty or liquid cuisine. 

In our family of gelling agents, you will find all the resources to obtain an infinite number of gelatinous textures: hot, cold, flexible, semi-liquid, rigid, cold, traditional, modern, reversible, irreversible...

Elastic gelificant - 550g.

Vegan gelatin

Gellan gum - 600g.

Hot terrine gel - 800g.

Vegan mousse gel - 500g.

Agar agar - 600g.

Kappa carregeenan - 500g.

Lota carregeenan - 700g.

Yellow pectin - 900g.

Pectin nappage 58 - 850g.

Neutral pectin - 500g.

Rapid set pectin - 500g.

Methylcellulose - 300g.

Sodium alginate - 600g.

Calcium chloride - 750g.

Gluconolactate - 700g.