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Thickening agents

Thickening means increasing the viscosity of a preparation, something that seems simple, but hides great challenges: persistence of flavor, color, and aroma; stability of texture, palatability, resistance to freezing... in the face of this challenge, and in our search for pure flavors and clean textures, we have selected the best options.

Our family of thickeners includes both pure ingredients and blends designed for specific needs: syneresis-free desserts, coulis with color and flavor, freezable creams, velvety soups, glossy sauces, mouth-watery drinks...

Ultratex - 400g.

Crystal xanthan gum

Xanthan gum

Easy thick

Custard cold

Custard hot

Guar gum - 700g.

Locust bean gum - 600g.

Kuzu arrowroot - 500g.